Friday, February 4, 2011

'Love and Other Drugs'

I am continuing my "recent production overviews" with "Love and Other Drugs". We decided to see the film after our hospital visit in order to get rid of the hospital mood on us. That is funny because the plot of the film is quite related to hospitals and diseases but i didn't know that. There was nothing so special about acting or the audio and also because of my own life experiences with neurological illnesses i was more drown to the plot. So I guess this time i will focus on that.

The film is a love story of a young women with a Parkinson s disease and this guy who works for Pfizer one of the biggest drug company which also produced viagra. I live with someone who has CDBG which is a neurological disease worse than Parkinson but also presents similar symptoms. I know very well how it is like to be next to that person under every circumstances. There is no vacation out of that. The simple things that a normal person wouldn't even notice are challenges for us and everyday is a big struggle, surviving through each day is a big accomplishment. I also know how it is like being abandoned by your friends and close relatives because you are sick or you are with a sick person. People think it is too hard to deal with you. They run away. And even tough you know that they will escape you still let people in hoping the opposite. Unfortunately you end up regretting that.

I think these issues were tried to be reflected through the Maggie character. She fears that someone you love would not be brave enough to stay with you in your hard times. She will see that people are selfish even if they 'love you'. I feel like the word love and friendship have been emptied out. Well... with these concerns in mind she prefers to keep love away. She knows that she will be hurt.

On the other hand, we are introduced to the guy who is a dickhead and incapable of really seeing her as a person. Instead, for him, Meggie is this cool hot chick whom he can have fun without any responsibility. His mind will change though.

The film also tries to be critical on drug production, consumption and health care system and so on. On one hand there are people who can not reach the help they need, who can not afford the essential medication. On the other hand tons of money is being spent on viagra research. I also know how it feels being out of medication and money to get the help or how hard to even reach the medication that you are looking for. The health care system in many countries does not provide you the real support you need and i live in one of those.

I can say that it is nice that the film is trying to deal with these issues and it is a very creative way of telling a love story but it must be added that it does this very on the surface. The viewer cannot experience the suffering of a Parkinson s patients or other people who cannot afford the medication. Due to these aspects I can say that it is very light and too Hollywood:). But on the other hand it can be a good introduction to some people who has never thought about these. You never know what is waiting for you in your life even today.

gotta go to the hospital now:)


  1. i agree that it was superficial in portraying living with Parkinsons. Also, i didnt also feel why the two loves each other, so it wasnt much engaging for me in that sense too. Besides i really hate to see all Hollywood romantic comedies have a scene where the two seperates later to find out it was wrong, then we all chase one of them to the airport or the church or whatever. Seriously does ıt have to be the same every time? No surprise factor!
    I liked the fact that the movie tries to criticize the healthcare system. Maybe people in charge likes to hear from beautiful Hollywood people rather than ordinary people like us :)

    It was also interesting to see a European kind of nudity approach in the movie.

    Also i didnt like the opening credits. it was so weak, getting lost in the scenes that if you are not careful enough you both miss the name of the movie and the period it refers to which is 1996 i guess.

  2. i agree with your comments. Damn Hollywood:) yeah we have to chase lovers by cars and all.
    My other critique would be the unsuccessful presentation of the period. Other than seeing old fashion mobiles i could not feel that we are ın 90s.

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